Tuesday, June 24, 2008


"If there's a word to describe you, it would be talawa..."

I asked what it meant. It's being feisty.

I like that.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Race for Life 2008

For the people who really know me, they will be surprised and I think happy for me for knowing that I've enlisted to join a run for a cause here in London! They know I couldn't even run a one-kilometer distance without stopping! So how the hell could I even finish a 5K course??? I was telling my friend Dada last week that the closest I've ever got myself to a running activity is an "alay lakad" (walk for a cause) which I've done many times in my country. And those weren't even running!

This coming July, I will be running with thousands of other ladies for the Race for Life of Cancer Research UK. My race will be held in Blackheath. With the invitation of my friend Opalyn, I have joined her and three other ladies to raise funds for our race to support Cancer Research UK. To date, we have already gone beyond our target amount to raise so we are all very thankful to all our friends who donated for this cause.

I've started my jogging last weekend and as expected, my legs were achy for the next couple of days. Sign of an unfit Ava! Not even the everyday running for the bus were enough to keep me fit! The training is doing me really good because the aches in my body are telling me to "run Ava run, be fit and keep exercising!"

If you are reading this blog and want to have a look at my team's website, please visit: http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/1sttimers

Of course you are very welcome to support our cause!