Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pinay traveler goes Scandinavian

May 2010. So, with my Schengen visa having 4 more weeks of validity, I had to see another Schengen State. I chose Sweden! My first Scandinavian country to visit and I truly loved it!

Dave and I visited Malin in her university town - Linkoping then spent a touristy weekend in Stockholm. Friendly people, great food, expensive alcohol (not sold in all shops, you're better off bringing your own bottle when you go to Sweden :-)

Highlight: Gamla Stan, or old town, is a perfect way to discover Stockholm. Established in the 13th century (yes 1300), you will find yourself walking through medieval streets and as you wander around this old city, try and find one of those viking pubs - we found one called Tunnan. Great interior depicting a viking decor and even the waiting staff are dressed like one! May 14-17, 2010.

A few traveller's tips:

ACCESS. There is a travel card called 'access' which you can purchase for a period of say 3 days, 7 days, etc. Great value to take you around the city of Stockholm. For the equivalent of 20 pounds, you can use this travel card for the metro, buses and ferries! Unlike the oyster card in London, this travel card covers all stops within the metro map of Stockholm. Great value indeed!

ALCOHOL. It is worth buying your own alcohol from the duty free shops where you are flying from or even pay for a check in bag to load your alcohol. You can only buy alcohol from special shops in Sweden. If you think you can just walk in to any shop or any 24 hour shop and buy a can of beer or a bottle of wine, hmmmn NOT! Don't be disappointed and take my advise!

ACCOMMODATION. If you are having doubts about booking a hotel which is not in the centre, don't fret, as long as you book a hotel which is near a train station, then you are safe. We stayed in a hotel outside the city centre and the commute to the city was within 15 minutes! Place is a lot cheaper and you are not far from the city.

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