Friday, September 02, 2011

My Weekend in Zagreb

11 February 2011. As the plane was approaching Zagreb, the pilot announced that we were on the first Easyjet flight to Zagreb. And I thought, so that was why the flight was on time! Kidding aside, it was actually a blast! We were met by airport officials and mobbed by media on arrival. Cameras were clicking as passengers walked down the steps. My fellow passengers had this wide grin on their faces. We all seemed to have enjoyed the welcome! But I don't really want to talk about my flight :-) I want to say I had a great time in Zagreb! If there was one thing that made it really special, my friend Tina made all the difference, from picking me up at the airport, hosting me in her apartment, driving me around the city, tagging me along to this private party (wow that was fun!), preparing my breakfasts, cooking my dinners, taking me site seeing, to making sure I got on my flight back to London on time! The works! Tina, thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! Highlights: Mirogoj Cemetery; Stone Gate; Museum of Broken Relationships; Cathedral of Zagreb; Flea Market; Tina's mom's home-made baklavas and; Croatian wines (red:rich and bold, white: refreshing, love it!).

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